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Matt McGuire - The Ringo Star of the modern generation

The popularity towards drums has decreased considerably in the 21th century and drum covers are less for songs. Today let's meet Matt McGuire, who is a professional drummer and cover artist, he has covered a wide range of songs till now and still continues to impress his fans. 

His pumping and uplifting drum covers will fuel your hidden passion towards drums. He is one of the talented internet stars who plays to the song. This 23 year old prodigy has over 500,000 subscribers, not bad for a professional drummer and has proved that his drums will inspire music fans .Matt has tackled from metal, hip-hop to EDM tracks in his internet career. He also selects the right song to cover and provides HQ-audio and a  stylish flair. Matt started drumming when he was six years old and grew up in Brisbane. 

He has also played with Ndugu Chancler, one of the world's best drummer and percussionist in 2004. This versatile passionate drummer is a Live Session drummer and now uploads his drum covers in his YouTube channel. His famous covers are Pendulum-WItcher, Somewhere I belong (Linkin Park & Eminem)etc. Recently Matt has also informed his YouTube subscribers that he is a part of a tour organised by Chainsmokers.So  subscribe to his channel and fuel your passion for music.

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