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Honest Trailers - The Secret Life of Pets

I am back folks with some interesting content after a really long period of time.( I usually love music tracks). I am with a Screen Junkies video , Believe it or not, its the Honest trailer of The Secret Life of Pets. Have we thought about what our loved ones or pets do after we go to work ; If you serious care about it, one should definitely watch this movie.

Its the last animated movie which I saw and its quite funny ( and good ). The evil bunny ( Voiced by Kevin Hart ) is a star of the movie, his devious plans to conquer the pets continues. Its not the best of Screen Junkies Trailer but it brings out the movie flaws and helps many to rectify and improvise by depicting them in a humorous manner.

The one and a half hour movie lives up to its expectations ( Through its trailers).

IMDb gives it a rating of 6.6 from 10, its a good rating.

Rotten Tomatoes 75% , its an excellent rating

Metacritic 61%

Mr.Reliable gives it a whooping 8.5 out of a possible 10

Bye Folks, Enjoy the Screen Jun…