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Illenium -It's all on you feat Liam Donnell

Hi music fans welcome back to Mr.Reliable blog,in the last post we discussed about amazing Youtube channels which provides quality music from remarkable artists all over the globe,they provide them a platform to exhibit their work.I found many other songs in addition to Wide awake :Love me while surfing the net.The next song which caught my eye was Illenium It's all on you feat Liam Donnell.
The upcoming melodic mastermind exhibits their brilliance through their Debut Album 'Ashes'.Their album is a unique one with music of various genres and mainly uses melodic,bass and chillstep throughout their songs . Also the album art selected is exemplary along with the songs.
A song from the Upcoming artist's album Ashes is special and this particular song is even more.The unique ability of the beat used helps it to sync with the listener and this quality makes it to be one of the best from the album. The deep driving bass makes the listener and the music feel alive.The lyric…

Wide awake - Love me (feat Jacob Banks)

Hi music fans,
Getting new music tracks according to the various specifications of a music fan is tough. But recently I came across an amazing song from Trap nation,a YouTube  channel which provides quality music from different artists all over the globe.
A song which exceeded its expectations and brings a new outlook in creating quality songs.
The voice and the beat in the song truly syncs and it brings out the beauty in the song. When we hear the intro of the song,we may think that it is just like any other song but the chorus and the beat makes it simply brillant.Amongst the many songs I heard through Proximity,Trap city,Trap nation etc this song is the best. Hats off to Wide Awake for making such a song.
(The image used is not Wide Awake Album art but the album art of Trap Nation Youtube Channel)

Wherever I go, One Republic

Being a workaholic is tough, even tougher than we imagine. I believe that this song is being dedicated to all workaholics to make a change in their day to day life.A song which is kinda funny I mean the music video but it is brilliantly blended with the music. Music lovers may think that it was quite short and I believe that its the shortest song which they have sung in the recent past.
The song emphasizes the need for looking new ventures in life and not being the usual workaholic.For your info the song is
"Wherever I go",by One republic with their lead singer as Ryan Tedder.The song is one of their music tracks which is in par with all the other songs they sing.Social issues are always discussed.I hope that One Republic would be releasing more songs like the ones which they have been giving us for a half decade.

Demons, Imagine Dragons

Definitely a masterpiece by Imagine Dragons and one of their songs which makes us hear frequently because of its alluring presence.The chorus is special as it makes us think of our mistakes.It is a song which has to be heard along with its music video,literally it shows us that Imagine Dragons are the best in making songs which allows us to feel the true potential of songs.
For the record this song was made a few years ago but I believe that this song is in the playlists of many music lovers even till date. It is one of the top picks of our blog and it was once in the top ten in Billboard.
Imagine Dragons is an American Rock band with its lead singer is Dan Reynolds.Its latest album is Smoke+Mirrors,which is innovative and consists of a variety of songs..(2015)

Seven years,Lukas Graham

Once I was seven years only ......
Yes that's a catchy song which evokes some nostalgic feelings in our mind.Its kinda different style from Lukas Graham's Mama said.Even though the song is like a old fashioned song but its one of it's kind,because of that it is still in the top ten of Billboard.
Now let me provide some info on the band which I got from Wikipedia

"Lukas Graham is a Danish pop-soul band whose namesake and lead singer is Lukas Graham Forchhammer. Other members include drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard."

A song which actually takes us to the past and gives us the feeling which helps us change the future. Even it makes remember our failures and things we have lost,we get our hopes back.

Lukas Graham's style isn't the style everyone expects but it is quite suited for his voice.

The song also adds a touch of a classic song which we hear rarely.When I saw the album art for the song it was perfect,so is …

Can't stop the feeling, Justin Timberlake

> > From the singer who gave us an amazing solo Mirrors,it was quite surprising that he would give such a wonderful song.Its not the song but the tone and rhythm which the artist uses makes it special.Its not just special but fun.
A song dedicated for the movie Trolls,not only will capture the minds of children but also adults in the same pace.In this fast paced world,people are not trying to rest and hear music,but once we hear this special song we will not only understand that music is relaxing but is fun too.since the song made for trolls is brilliant and we hope that the movie will be too.

Sun is shining....

The day's been perfect and so is the music,I hope to start with a quiet and calm song before we jump to the top notch.
Yes,lets not forget that even though we consider it to be a perfect day,it has been a hard day for some,let's hope they will feel better when they hear this song.

Axwell Ingrosso: Sun is shining

For your info it is by a Swedish EDM duo called Axwell ^ Ingrosso..

A music track with so much innovation  makes us think " Why the heck this song isn't in the top tens???",but truth is it still stay as the top pick in Swedish charts, Hats off to Axwell^Ingrosso for such a classic innovative song .Basically its not all about the song's lyrics  but credits goes to how well the beat is being mixed with the simple song which consists of inner meanings.Actually it does have a simple outlook,but it is worth hearing if you don't prefer extreme rock and pop....
Basically songs are meant to help us soothe our mind and give us a refreshing calm breeze of …