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Keeping up with Martin Garrix Tracks

Woah, I am back, Sorry that I couldn't post some so-called insights about songs for quite a long period. But now I am rejuvenated by some songs continually posted by the Martin Garrix, the mastermind behind Animals( Fundamentally speaking, it is his creation). Even though the video felt a bit creeeeeepy, its one of the music tracks which inspired hundreds of EDM artists to deliver the world something special using their immense talent.
Come on, its a  barrage of songs by Garrix, maybe from his performance in Ultra Music Festival.

Martijn Gerard Garritsen, known my his stage name Martin Garrix, is a Dutch DJ, record producer and musician. He is ranked number 1 on DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs list for 2016.

Rocket man in a new identity

I am back with a classic song in the 70's by Elton John. There are many who tend to think that classics tend to out date in course of time and people should adjust to a new style & rhythm. Let me provide a food for thought, What if we rejuvenate them with our modern outlook and try to maintain its vibe through out the ages ! The song Hotel California (Eagles) and many more songs will exist in the world with all its glory till the end.
Sorry to break the spirit, but here I am with a performance( In Voice Germany) which should be provided the glory of the latter. Andreas Kummert ( Name from Youtube ) sings Rocket man at Voice Germany ( I have provided  the video - embed too)

"Rocket Man"  is a song composed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin and originally performed by John.It is widely considered one of the greatest recordings in music history, and by many accounts of the most beloved songs ever recorded. Rolling Stone lists it as #245 of its 500 greatest songs of all-time…

Honest Trailers - The Secret Life of Pets

I am back folks with some interesting content after a really long period of time.( I usually love music tracks). I am with a Screen Junkies video , Believe it or not, its the Honest trailer of The Secret Life of Pets. Have we thought about what our loved ones or pets do after we go to work ; If you serious care about it, one should definitely watch this movie.

Its the last animated movie which I saw and its quite funny ( and good ). The evil bunny ( Voiced by Kevin Hart ) is a star of the movie, his devious plans to conquer the pets continues. Its not the best of Screen Junkies Trailer but it brings out the movie flaws and helps many to rectify and improvise by depicting them in a humorous manner.

The one and a half hour movie lives up to its expectations ( Through its trailers).

IMDb gives it a rating of 6.6 from 10, its a good rating.

Rotten Tomatoes 75% , its an excellent rating

Metacritic 61%

Mr.Reliable gives it a whooping 8.5 out of a possible 10

Bye Folks, Enjoy the Screen Jun…

Transmission through Zedd

Imagining the vast oceans and the mountain,one tries to indulge into the marvellous creations of nature. When death is considered as the ultimate leveller, humanity usually doesn't consider   the universal truth that all will die one day. Truth would be revealed in front of every single soul when the time arrives.

Oh,Sorry I tried to become more philosophical, usually I am not so but after hearing this unique song created by Zedd (feat X Ambassadors and Logic) ,I was really fascinated by the very thought of conveying such a complex idea in a single EDM track created by Zedd. Music is a form of art, an art appreciated by music lovers and others it has to be nurtured  in the very outset itself.
X Ambassadors is a band which is known to me by their amazing,inspiring and thought evoking music track called "Renegades".Recently their lead vocalist Sam Harris was featured in the song 'Sucker for Pain' which is exclusively made for Suicide Squad Movie.

Sir Robert Bryson …

Let's change our lives

Hi ,I am back after a long shocking break from blogging,let me start with asking from my curious mind that whether any Monkey Majik music fans are reading this post, if any are here all I am here to talk my views about the song "Change". It all started as my friend started a blog which has a blog link  musicmajik in blogger. I had heard of Monkey Majik before but since some complained 😯 that their songs do not contain chorus and no serious messages I didn't bother to hear their songs. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒThis song is the perfect answer to all those who want chorus and a serious message conveyed.

Monkey Majik is a Japanese-Canadian pop band formed in 2000. With two Canadian brothers as the lead vocals and two Japanese musicians complementing them,they try to step ahead of the limits of Alternative rock music tracks to accomplish something which is unique to their band.
You had your wishes but you threw them away It made you happy yeah for more than one day But now you're lost a…

How about a elegy for a change?

I originally created this blog for music track fans but let me provide all about insights of poems and other stuff which I feel interesting for the audience.
Not the ideal start to poetry but I start with this because I would have to connect my studies with this blog. I studied about a poem category called Elegy.
Elegy,first of all its not a poem of the Romantic age like the ones from Wordsworth and Keats. The elegy I referred is written by Thomas Gray and the name is 'An elegy written in a Country Churchyard'.
I am sorry to other people who are not into literature as I didn't explain what the heck elegy is.
Elegy is a poem which laments the death.  Oh No...
Yes, it exclusively deals with the Latin phrase mementomoriwhich means 'Remember you must die' .A poem written by Thomas Gray which was completed in 1750 and published in 1751. The poem was written by Gray inspired by the death of his best friend Richard West in 1742.
Actually it is considered probably the bes…

Armin Van Buuren : Alone feat Lauren Evans with lyrics

Hi folks I am back with a song which is meant for EDM fans of this generation from a Dutch DJ artist Armin van Buuren.He has being hosting a show called A State of Trance since 2001.
Let's go to the lyrics,Everyone is walking on the edge of life
Like the ghost of a shadow barely alive
Even time's in a rush but it's going no where
Everyone's connected, but no one is connecting
The human of a man has long been missing
Tell me have you seen it?
Have you seen it?Or are we alone?
Tell me something to believe in
Tell me, are we alone?
Where is the love? Where is the feeling?
Is anybody out there?
Is anyone listening?
Is anyone left in this whole world?
Or are we alone?
Alone…Everybody needs to know
Somebody who cares, just a friendly face
You can trust who’ll be there, I’m too afraid to move on
And not be a strangerCause everyone’s connected but no one is connecting
The human of a man has long been missing
Tell me, have you seen it?
Have you seen it?Or are we alone?
Tell me …

One Republic Kids with lyrics

The wait is over One Republic has released its next song...
Read through the song's lyricsDays when
We’d fight, we’d fight ’til I would give in
Yeah, perfect disasters
We were reaching, reaching for the raftersAnd on most of the days we were searching for ways
To get up and get out of the town that we were raised, yeah, Cause we were done
I remember, we were sleeping in cars
We were searching for OZ
We were burning cigars
With white plastics tips ’til we saw the sun
And we said crazy things likeI refuse to look back thinking days were better
Just because they’re younger days
I don’t know what’s ’round the corner
Way I feel right now I swear we’ll never change
Back when we were kids
Swore we would never die
You and me were kids
Swear that we’ll never dieLights down
And we drive and we’re drivin’ just to get out
Yeah, perfect disasters
Yeah we were swinging, swinging from the raftersHey, we were dancing in cars
We were looking for ours
We were naming the stars
After people we knew ’…

Rio Olympics 2016 : A transcend towards history and back to Rio

History witnessed the rise and fall of sporting events through the years and here we are at present looking forward to Rio Olympics 2016.A set of global sporting events conducting every four years is commencing in a few hours.
                Modern Olympics was held in 1896 at Athens where the first  Olympic Hymn was presented.Four years soon passed and at Paris ,women were allowed to participate. Tri Medal system was introduced at St.Louis in 1904. When the famous event reached back at Paris at 1924,Olympics village and official motto was introduced. Soon in next edition,women were allowed to participate in athletics at Amsterdam. At Berlin 1936,they took a decision on telecasting the events and making of a Olympic film .The Olympic coin was minted following events of 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Live transmission started in 1960 which enabled world wide T.V coverage (Rome).
Some notable mentions...
Fanny Blankers-Koen(Netherlands)
:First to win four medals in a single Games.(1948 Londo…

Pentatonix Daft Punk

Here I am back,after a break of almost 20 days with a remix by Pentatonix. It was a great surprise for me as I have recently being introduced to their marvellous acapella style. As a young and recent subscriber of Pentatonix I can assure you that this is a music band which is worth hearing.They have 10 million plus subscribers and done a number of remixes.
Daft Punk by Pentatonix
Wow,Acapella style, I think that this style evolved after the movie Pitch Perfect.Combining two classic songs into a single one ,adding beat and bass to it with their sounds produced by their vocal cords.
An epic song produced with immense effort from the artists who pulled out the impossible.
As Mr.Reliable,I can't simply say that I loved this song so you should hear it. Let me provide some info about then make you explore through the immense ocean of music tracks...
Pentatonix is an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas consisting of five vocalists: Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonad…

Life is a highway

We have experienced happiness in our life but we may have never considered life as a highway.Let's put aside all our theories and hear to an amazing song by Rascal Flatts.
Excuse me,Rascal Flatts is not somebody's name but the name of a band as I got confused.Let's get some info on them.."Rascal Flatts is an American country trio formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1999. It is composed of Gary LeVox and second cousins Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney. "(Source: Wikipedia)This song depicts the love of the every biker to biking through the highways.When I talk about this song I believe that Route 66 song has the same concept. This is basically an exceptional example for Country music.A song released in 2006 still lives on the generation which heard their first song.What ever happens in life one should take it in the right sense and pursue his/her goal.Country music with messages which are not too difficult to accept helps in soothing the wounds in one's mind.This is the…

Call of duty (A Seven Years Parody)

Call of Duty series is one of the gaming series which took control of the gaming society in quick succession. I came across a parody of Seven years ,the song by Lukas Graham which will definitely attract all COD fans all over the globe.This is the first gaming and parody song which is being published in the blog.We have also added the YouTube video using embed code..
Enjoy..Comment your response to the song...

<div> <small><a href=""> Youtube embed code </a></small></div> <div> <small><a href="https:/">generate Googl…

Stay : Hans Zimmer

Christopher Nolan's  Interstellar not only remains as one of the best SciFi movies but would also remain in our hearts forever and beyond. When a movie becomes a masterpiece ,the credit not only goes to the director and producer but to the whole crew.
Amongst them the work of Hans Zimmer is notable through his track 'Stay' as his soulful,haunting,decisive track captures the audience within the tesseract of memories in the film.The heart of the whole movie lives in the Soundtrack provided by the talented artist.In a piece dedicated people living in isolation,Zimmer really exploits the role of music tracks to enhance the movie originality and make the perfect SciFi movie which it is now.
This is the first sound track review published ,thanks for all the support...
Signing out....
(Art used is only for introduction of movie)

Wake me up...Avicii

There are instances in life where one thinks that whether we could rest without problems and wake up when all of them fade away.
A special song by the EDM artist Avicii which emphasises the need for daydreaming in life. Famous for his songs like The Nights,Days etc.
"Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, is a Swedish electronic musician, DJ, remixer and record producer. "(Wikipedia)
It's a moment in one's life that elicits all the changes which occur in his/her lifespan.
Daydreaming feels like a escape from reality but one tries to correlate reality and daydreaming it allows the person to understand reality and rectify troubles facing in his/her life.

Here comes the fighter... - an inspirational one

When we look upon great personalities for inspiration amongst the top ten,we could see a professional boxer among them.
Today I am back with an inspirational song by Gym Class Heroes feat Ryan Tedder. All among us may know who Ryan Tedder is,the heart and the soul of famous band One Republic. Let me provide some info on Gym Class Heroes (Source Wikipedia). "Gym Class Heroes is an American rap rock-hip hop band from Geneva, New York, United States."They are also famous for the song Stereo hearts..
This song by Gym Class Heroes is a music track in which the lyrics  talks about a boxer's life,and the boxer as a metaphor for a person who struggles in life and eventually succeeds in life.
What ever happens in life,the target a person locks on,shouldn't be disregarded even if one faces pain and struggles in the pursuit of success.We have to unleash the fighter in our hearts not for the pleasures in the world but to reach the goal.The song also calls for the need of inspirat…

What if Justice League turned rogue????

DC Universe, one of the top superhero universes alongside Marvel would proudly present Justice League movie which is to be released next year (2017). On the light of this, I came across a video titled "Batman explains how to defeat members of Justice League"..,seriously????
Why does Batman explains weaknesses of each member of his own league !!!!!!!
What if one of them become rogue and turn against them?
Batman ponders ways to defeat every Justice League member, including himself! As portrayed by Kevin Conroy. These clips are from the game DC Universe Online, a free to play MMO by Sony Online Entertainment. Check out the game at
I believe that the upcoming movie have only heroes like Batman,Superman, Wonder woman,Cyborg,Aquaman and Flash.

(Art used is only used for introduction of superheroes) Youtube embed code generate Google maps

R City : Locked Away feat Adam Levine

Hearing music from many genres all around world may make us curious to know about them,their style of singing etc. Here I present you a song which belongs to Dancehall and reggae fusion. This song published in 2015 has lyrics that would question whether our love to our friends,family etc is genuine and also makes us think of our mistakes in life. This song by R City has its final touch added by a marvellous chorus by Adam Levine.
We all know Adam Levine as a part of Maroon 5 but let me provide a few details from Wikipedia.
"Adam Noah Levine is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead singer for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5."
R City has done a nice job in combining their amazing song with Adam Levine's chorus. Here is some info about them..
"Rock City, is an American musical duo formed in 2003, from Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands."
Each one of us would face problems in life.The main concern should be about sticking on with our loved ones an…

Alan Walker : Memories

When a true music fan likes a music track its not about the critic reviews or the lyrics but how it helps one in his day to day activities,music is something which makes us in mixed  feelings and brings us hope.
So I am here to introduce you to a music track which hasn't reached the headlines yet.It's the third Alan Walker music track which is reviewed in this blog.This is not a full fledged music track which everybody would like but its something Walker tried in his studio.A track which lives up to its title Memories and makes us remember the good memories we cherish and gives us hope. Now let me disappoint you a bit,its a track which repeats the beat with varing pace but makes full use of it with wonderful transitions.This Alan Walker special has almost three million + views. Let me tell you all about this track in a single sentence..
"Wow,it brings me a lot of good memories"-Mr.Reliable
Signing out...
(Album art in the post is the album art from the YouTube video i…

Home alone action in real life..

We have seen numerous action movies throughout our life,but what if we analyse them specifically about the action scenes which we cannot even comprehend in the real life instances.Home alone is a kid comedy movie in which the parents and the family take off to a distant place leaving their son at home who eventually defends his house from being robbed.Yeah,it is quite childish..

But what if the robbers suffered injuries as per in reality,that's a question to be asked, there were two Home Alone movies and the robbers suffered a lot and still survives to the very end of the second movie.This is not a thought for kids but for sensible adults,as it may be even like questioning the plot itself.I came across a video in YouTube ,a video by Screen Junkies .Screen Junkies is quite an amazing channel which provides a lot of interesting videos like Honest trailers and Honest Actions.Here I have an embed video of Honest Action,enjoy...


Fading through the ages

Hi folks,I am back with a masterpiece from a young prodigy Alan Walker,his best song ever made.The one of the posts which I had published there was a post with a remix by Alan Walker,which is not a great way to introduce him. Guess what this artist is just 18 years old and turns 19 next month according to the information I got from Wikipedia. So let me provide some info about our artist..
"Alan Olav Walker, better known by his stage name of Alan Walker is a British-Norwegian record producer who was born in Northampton, England. He recorded electronic dance music single "Faded" and his song released on NoCopyrightSounds, "Fade". "
I am going to talk about the song Faded which he published when he was 18 years old and also I got info that he first made his music with a beginners software Fruity Loops.
Actually I don't know how to interpret this song,but its about loneliness and the mental restrains one acquires in his whole life.Alan Walker combined the…

Warriors ,An Imagine Dragons thriller

Through various posts we talked about unique songs,remixes and channels now let's come back to Indie.The last post was about a marvellous song by Ed Sheeran which he sung for the film Hobbit 2,here we are again with another song sung by a band which I had introduced in a previous post.This alternative rock music track by Imagine Dragons Warriors is one of their best creations till now.For your info let me give you some info from Wikipedia."Warriors" is a song recorded by American band ImagineDragons for the League of LegendsChampionship 2014 and was the official theme song for the 2015FIFA Women's World Cup. In addition, "Warriors" was used as the official theme song for WWE Survival Series and is featured in Insurgent from the Divergent series.
This song is about a person who is a warrior in his heart and about one who chases his dreams.One should never give up his dreams and should improve his/her skills with constant practice.The opening lines suggest abo…

An Ed special...

We all have seen Hobbit trilogy,if not it is a movie series worth watching.Now I am not talking how good these movies are but I am here to introduce their opening song from The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug sung by a young music maestro Ed Sheeran.If you are new to this artist here is some info from Wikipedia.Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter, musician, and occasional actor. He was born in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk. His famous songs are Thinking out loud,Sing and so on..For your knowledge its a song which comes under the genre Folk ballad.A folk ballad with gently strummed acoustic guitar how better it can be more for a Hobbit movie fan.Perfectly dedicated lyrics will not divert the audience but makes it more interesting as it helps us understand the ideal scenario of the movie.This epic song topped the New Zealand Charts and was thirteenth in U.K charts.This is a song which penetrates through our music perspec…

A good remix for the day...

It's been a couple days after I posted a wonderful song by Illenium. Now its time for remixes by amazing artists...
When a epic music is embedded with the work of a EDM artist,its guaranteed to be special.Here is a song remix I just heard on YouTube, try to guess.
Its a song by Coldplay remixed by Alan Walker "Hymn for the weekend Remix".
Whatever remix that a artist it should make the song better or retain its originality. Alan Walker an amazing artist who gave us epic music like Faded and  Coldplay which gives us modern classics for us to remember forever and you are sure to get excited to see music named Alan Walker vs Coldplay.
This remix released by Alan Walker maintains the originality of the song,a track which was in top ten of Charts(An epic song).
The remix doesn't seems to lose the touch of Coldplay and makes it unique. It gives us an unexpected touch of EDM to a classic Indie song but perfectly blends.A touch of EDM thoughout the song and also the Be…

Illenium -It's all on you feat Liam Donnell

Hi music fans welcome back to Mr.Reliable blog,in the last post we discussed about amazing Youtube channels which provides quality music from remarkable artists all over the globe,they provide them a platform to exhibit their work.I found many other songs in addition to Wide awake :Love me while surfing the net.The next song which caught my eye was Illenium It's all on you feat Liam Donnell.
The upcoming melodic mastermind exhibits their brilliance through their Debut Album 'Ashes'.Their album is a unique one with music of various genres and mainly uses melodic,bass and chillstep throughout their songs . Also the album art selected is exemplary along with the songs.
A song from the Upcoming artist's album Ashes is special and this particular song is even more.The unique ability of the beat used helps it to sync with the listener and this quality makes it to be one of the best from the album. The deep driving bass makes the listener and the music feel alive.The lyric…

Wide awake - Love me (feat Jacob Banks)

Hi music fans,
Getting new music tracks according to the various specifications of a music fan is tough. But recently I came across an amazing song from Trap nation,a YouTube  channel which provides quality music from different artists all over the globe.
A song which exceeded its expectations and brings a new outlook in creating quality songs.
The voice and the beat in the song truly syncs and it brings out the beauty in the song. When we hear the intro of the song,we may think that it is just like any other song but the chorus and the beat makes it simply brillant.Amongst the many songs I heard through Proximity,Trap city,Trap nation etc this song is the best. Hats off to Wide Awake for making such a song.
(The image used is not Wide Awake Album art but the album art of Trap Nation Youtube Channel)

Wherever I go, One Republic

Being a workaholic is tough, even tougher than we imagine. I believe that this song is being dedicated to all workaholics to make a change in their day to day life.A song which is kinda funny I mean the music video but it is brilliantly blended with the music. Music lovers may think that it was quite short and I believe that its the shortest song which they have sung in the recent past.
The song emphasizes the need for looking new ventures in life and not being the usual workaholic.For your info the song is
"Wherever I go",by One republic with their lead singer as Ryan Tedder.The song is one of their music tracks which is in par with all the other songs they sing.Social issues are always discussed.I hope that One Republic would be releasing more songs like the ones which they have been giving us for a half decade.

Demons, Imagine Dragons

Definitely a masterpiece by Imagine Dragons and one of their songs which makes us hear frequently because of its alluring presence.The chorus is special as it makes us think of our mistakes.It is a song which has to be heard along with its music video,literally it shows us that Imagine Dragons are the best in making songs which allows us to feel the true potential of songs.
For the record this song was made a few years ago but I believe that this song is in the playlists of many music lovers even till date. It is one of the top picks of our blog and it was once in the top ten in Billboard.
Imagine Dragons is an American Rock band with its lead singer is Dan Reynolds.Its latest album is Smoke+Mirrors,which is innovative and consists of a variety of songs..(2015)

Seven years,Lukas Graham

Once I was seven years only ......
Yes that's a catchy song which evokes some nostalgic feelings in our mind.Its kinda different style from Lukas Graham's Mama said.Even though the song is like a old fashioned song but its one of it's kind,because of that it is still in the top ten of Billboard.
Now let me provide some info on the band which I got from Wikipedia

"Lukas Graham is a Danish pop-soul band whose namesake and lead singer is Lukas Graham Forchhammer. Other members include drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard."

A song which actually takes us to the past and gives us the feeling which helps us change the future. Even it makes remember our failures and things we have lost,we get our hopes back.

Lukas Graham's style isn't the style everyone expects but it is quite suited for his voice.

The song also adds a touch of a classic song which we hear rarely.When I saw the album art for the song it was perfect,so is …

Can't stop the feeling, Justin Timberlake

> > From the singer who gave us an amazing solo Mirrors,it was quite surprising that he would give such a wonderful song.Its not the song but the tone and rhythm which the artist uses makes it special.Its not just special but fun.
A song dedicated for the movie Trolls,not only will capture the minds of children but also adults in the same pace.In this fast paced world,people are not trying to rest and hear music,but once we hear this special song we will not only understand that music is relaxing but is fun too.since the song made for trolls is brilliant and we hope that the movie will be too.

Sun is shining....

The day's been perfect and so is the music,I hope to start with a quiet and calm song before we jump to the top notch.
Yes,lets not forget that even though we consider it to be a perfect day,it has been a hard day for some,let's hope they will feel better when they hear this song.

Axwell Ingrosso: Sun is shining

For your info it is by a Swedish EDM duo called Axwell ^ Ingrosso..

A music track with so much innovation  makes us think " Why the heck this song isn't in the top tens???",but truth is it still stay as the top pick in Swedish charts, Hats off to Axwell^Ingrosso for such a classic innovative song .Basically its not all about the song's lyrics  but credits goes to how well the beat is being mixed with the simple song which consists of inner meanings.Actually it does have a simple outlook,but it is worth hearing if you don't prefer extreme rock and pop....
Basically songs are meant to help us soothe our mind and give us a refreshing calm breeze of …